Blood Pressure Checks

The importance of monitoring your blood pressure...

Some experts call it the silent killer. High blood pressure (hypertension) most often has no symptoms,so a significant number of people who have it might not realize it.

Untreated high blood pressure can damage organs over time and lead to stroke or heart disease. Because our pressure changes constantly depending on what we are doing,experts recommend people at risk or people who already have high blood pressure closely monitor it,either weekly or even daily.

Blood pressure being taken

One of the many services the Rockledge Fire Department offers is free blood pressure checks. You can feel free to stop by any of our fire stations to receive a blood pressure check. If the station is empty when you stop by the engine company might be out of the station on a call or possibly training. Typically, there is always someone available during normal business hours at our headquarters station (1800 Rockledge Blvd.) that can take your blood pressure. We will be happy to provide you with a blood pressure record card so that you can track your blood pressure when you come in.