Flood Zone Sites

Flood Zone Determinations

Notice to Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Prospective Home Buyers & Homeowners:

The City of Rockledge Building Division will gladly make flood zone determinations for properties within the City limits of Rockledge. The City will provide you with information regarding whether a property is within a Flood Hazard Area (FHA), as shown on the current Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) of the County. The City also has additional FIRM information, including problems not shown on the FIRM, flood depth data, special flood related hazards, historical flood information, and natural floodplain functions. Elevation certificates are available for properties in special flood-hazard areas upon request.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency website is the definitive source for information on natural and man-made disasters nationwide. Users will find information on all types of hazards, including floods, on Federal aid and assistance, on disaster preparedness, and on State and Federal declarations and responses.

Brevard County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The City of Rockledge works with the Brevard County EOC, the National Weather Service, and the National Hurricane Center to monitor flood and storm threats and advise the community accordingly.


This web page for consumers provides information about the National Flood Insurance Program. Topics covered include availability of flood hazard insurance, participating insurance providers, policy cost and coverage, and flood protection and safety information. Interactive tools allow users to learn more about flood damage, rate their flood risk, estimate their premiums and locate an agent. Users can also learn more about how new flood maps can affect their flood risk category.

 USGS Water Resources River Gage Stations

The United States Geological Survey provides online access to river gage stations along the St. Johns River, Turkey Creek, North Prong Creek and the C-54 Canal. These sites provide real-time data on river levels and flow rates, as well as historical data, to allow users within the St. Johns River and Indian River Lagoon basins to make informed decisions on flooding threats at any given time.

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