Yard Trash Collection

Yard Trash includes grass clippings, weeds, leaves, and shrubbery trimmings.

For larger Yard Trash items such tree branches (cut it up to 5-foot lengths, and stacked in the same direction if possible), we have a Claw Truck that has an established route which is the same as your normal yard trash pickup.

The City does not pick up dirt, rocks, mulch, or sand with yard trash. If you have sod or anything retaining dirt or sand, shake it completely out and spread it over your lawn.


The City is not responsible for any yard trash containers. Two reusable containers, 30-32 gallon capacity, with handles, must be utilized for yard trash before going to plastic yard bags. You may then use as many plastic bags as necessary. The plastic containers cannot weigh over 50 pounds. The containers will be dumped and then used to confine the plastic bags to prevent them from blowing around the neighborhood. The plastic bags can then be disposed of in your household garbage.

Please note: Please, no yard trash is permitted in the garbage HOBO or recycling cart.