Neighborhood Watch Program

The Rockledge Police Department has been committed to “full-time” Crime Prevention strategies for over 30 years.

In 2001, we began a “hands-on” Neighborhood Watch Program, which was launched by Sergeant Pat Chambers. Our first Neighborhood Watch meeting was held on February 22nd, 2001 on Ferndale Avenue. Since that time, Neighborhood Watch has grown tremendously within our city. Currently, there are organized Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the city.

In 2011, we were presented with the National Sheriffs Association Award for the finest Neighborhood Watch program in the United States. Today, we still operate one of the most successful programs in the nation. We have achieved this because of our devotion to duty and the citizens of Rockledge. We also have a strong bond and partnership with our Rockledge residents.

This would not be possible without the community’s participation. Neighborhood Watch is a citizen involvement stand that directly contributes to the detection and prevention of crime. Citizens utilize crime prevention measures to make their neighborhood a safer place. Countless crimes have been averted and/or solved by the vigilance of active Neighborhood Watch members. Today, the citizens of Rockledge enjoy a higher quality of life. Reducing crime and fear has been successful. This is an exciting time to get involved and stay involved!

For more information, contact Corporal Robert Lynch via email or at 321-690-3988 ext. 3104.