Join the Rockledge Fire Department!

The Rockledge Fire Department has many opportunities for a rewarding and exciting career in the fire and EMS service. Individuals joining the Rockledge Fire Department can look forward to a career that offers opportunities for advancement, specialty and leadership training.

If you are a motivated person who is interested in a career in the fire and EMS service, then the Rockledge Fire Department could be for you. The Rockledge Fire Department is committed to providing exceptional public safety services to our community and upholding the time honored traditions of pride, honor and duty that are the hallmark of the fire service.

We promote diversity in our department. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

General Description of Job Classification:

Professional firefighting is a physically demanding career. The job itself is inherently dangerous at times due to the nature of the work being performed as well the environments encountered. During firefighting activities firefighters wear heavy protective gear and work in IDLH atmospheres. They must be familiar with a wide variety of tools including hoses, hydrants, axes, chainsaws and other equipment along with the ability to operate and pump fire apparatus. Firefighters provide a wide range of emergency services. In addition to putting out fires they are also often the first responders to such emergencies as sudden serious medical illnesses, accidents or vehicle crashes. There they perform duties as emergency medical personnel to help stabilize situations utilizing basic and advanced life support skills and treatments. Firefighters typically work 56 hours per week in a 24 hour shift type schedule.

If you would like more information about applying for a position with the Rockledge Fire Department you can contact the Fire Chief or contact our administrative office at (321) 221-7540.

Download an application for firefighter (PDF).