Off Duty Details

Rockledge Police Department offers citizens the capability of hiring officers off-duty to work at certain events. As long as the event is located within the City of Rockledge and does not create a conflict of interest for the police department, then we will be glad to offer our services to you.

The following criteria must be met in order to secure off-duty detail services:

  1. All requests for security/traffic employment require a completed application in order for services to be provided. The Chief of Police may require a written contract when he deems it necessary. The parties of the contract include the person/company requesting the service and the City of Rockledge.
  2. Any entity or person requesting security/traffic control services must contact the Detail Coordinator or designee for law enforcement services.
  3. All requests, regardless of actual duration, will be treated as a two-hour minimum per officer, unless waived by the Chief of Police or External Employment Coordinator.
  4. No request shall be approved for any employer with whom association may provide an appearance of a conflict of interest to the Rockledge Police Department or for any event of a potentially compromising or embarrassing nature.
  5. A prepayment may be required from the employer. The Detail Coordinator will provide the employer an approximate cost of the service at the time of the request.
  6. Payment for services rendered will be due to the department within ten (10) days after the detail has taken place. If it is an overtime detail that has been requested by the City of Rockledge, then the officer(s) will be paid with the normal pay period schedule.
  7. Details must be within the City of Rockledge.
  8. Employers that cancel a detail must provide at least two hours prior notification before the start time of the detail or be charged a minimum two-hour fee, payable to the affected employee.

Rockledge Police Department charges a total of $54 per hour, per officer. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • $42 per officer, per hour goes directly to the officer
  • $12 per officer, per hour Administrative/Fuel Fee

You will be invoiced for services the following business day via email. Please note the two-hour minimum, regardless of the actual duration of the event.

If you would like to reserve an officer for an event that you’re having within the city limits of Rockledge, please contact Sgt. Tim Herbener at 321-690-3213, ext. 3105 or email Lt. Tim Herbener.