Residential Permit Requirements

All residential permits require a signed and notarized Building Permit Application, which shall include project information, owner information and contractor/subcontractor information, if applicable. Owners wishing to contract the work themselves are required to complete an Owner/Builder Affidavit along with the Building Permit Application. If any subcontractors are to be used, please submit either a notarized Letter of Authorization or have the license holder sign the back page of the Building Permit Application under their appropriate trade. Applications with a value of construction of $2,500 or more require a completed Notice of Commencement recorded with the Brevard County Clerk of Courts with two copies provided to the Building Department. 

*All permit applications require a written and detailed narrative of the scope of work to be performed.

ACCESSORY STRUCTURES/CARPORTS/GARAGES: Two (2) copies of a survey or plot plan with the location of the structure, setbacks, the intended use, engineered drawings with construction details, anchorage and product approvals. 

A/C CHANGEOUT: Copy of the AHRI Certificate and a copy of the recorded NOC if $7,500 or more. If applicable, the HVAC affidavit if replacing the air handler or condenser separately. 

DOOR/WINDOW/GARAGE DOOR REPLACEMENT: One copy of the Florida product approval indicating the specific item to be used and installation instructions. Wind-borne Debris Protection required for more than 25% window replacement. 

DRIVEWAY/PAVERS: Two (2) copies of site plan/survey showing the existing and the proposed driveway. If construction is in the right-of-way, Public Works approval is required. A Public Works handout is available with right-of-way specifications. For pavers in the right-of-way an additional form is required for approval by the City Manager. 

ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Two (2) copies of electrical riser diagram drawings showing proposed work. 

INTERIOR BUILDING DRAINS AND REPLACEMENT OF WATER LINES: Two (2) copies of a plumbing riser diagram indicating pipe sizes and type. A permit is required for replacement of Hot Water Heaters. 

MOBILE/MANUFACTURED HOME SET-UP: Two (2) copies of the site plan indicating location, setbacks, the number of bathroom(s), a completed rule 15C-2 Form for tie down, blocking, MEP details, etc., documentation of HUD label, wind zone information and a copy of the installer’s state license and workers compensation insurance. 

POOL/SCREEN ENCLOSURES/COMPOSITE ALUMINUM COVERED PORCH: Two (2) copies of the property survey showing the proposed size and location of the structure, including setbacks and sealed engineered drawings. RE-ROOF: For shingle roofing provide a completed Re-roof Supplement Form, Deck Nailing Affidavit and a product approval for skylights. For flat, metal and tile roofing in addition to the items for shingle roofing; provided a copy of the Florida Product Affidavit indicating the approval number, system to be used and installation instructions. 

RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR/EXTERIOR ALTERATION: Detailed Scope of Work. Two (2) copies of the construction plans indicating the existing and proposed layouts of the work including electric, plumbing & HVAC risers if applicable. 

ROOM ADDITION: Two (2) copies of site plan/survey, floor plan indicating existing adjacent rooms and the proposed addition, signed & sealed engineered plans indicating structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, an energy form, Florida product approvals indicating the items to be used, installation instructions for doors, windows, and roofing, etc. 

SEWER REPAIR/REPLACEMENT: Two (2) copies of site plan/survey indicating location, size and type of piping to be repaired/replaced and location of clean outs. Waste Water Department approval is needed for exterior sewer piping. 

SHUTTERS/STORM PANELS/SOFFITS: One copy of the Florida product approval(s) indicating the specific item to be used and installation instructions. 

TREE REMOVAL: There is a separate permit application form for a Tree Removal Permit. There must be four (4) trees remaining on the property once the tree(s) has been removed. A survey or hand drawn sketch of the property showing all the trees on the lot and indicating the tree(s) to be removed. 

UTILITY SHEDS & DETACHED ACCESSORY STRUCTURES: Two (2) copies of a survey or plot plan showing the shed placement, size of the shed, setbacks to property lines and how the shed is to be anchored/tied down. For all sheds 200 square feet or more signed & sealed engineered construction drawings are required. 

WATER HEATERS: Indicate the capacity, whether it is electric or gas powered and the type and size of the connecting water piping.


*There may be additional requirements dependent upon the Scope of the Work.


Floodplain Development Permit Requirements: Any development in the floodplain requires a building permit according to Section 30.20 of the Rockledge Land Development Regulations. To obtain a flood zone determination, contact the Rockledge Building Department at (321) 221-7540 option 2. 

Substantial Improvement Requirements: The City of Rockledge requires that if the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition or other improvements to a building equals or exceed 50% of the market value of the building or structure, the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building. Substantially damaged buildings must also be brought up to the same standards (e.g., a residence damaged so that the cost of repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the buildings value before it was damaged must be elevated above the base flood elevation). The assessed value of the property, as listed by the Brevard County Property Appraiser’s Office, shall not be used to determine the value of the structure. An independent appraisal may be required to determine the value of the structure before the improvement is started, or if the structure has been damaged and is being restored, before the damage, or destruction occurred.