Department Overview

Department Organization

The City of Rockledge Fire Department is an all hazard emergency response organization, providing ALS non-transport EMS service, Fire and Haz-Mat response. The City is comprised of three response districts with a fire station strategically located within each district. The average response time to any incident after the assigned unit is placed in service is approximately three to four minutes depending on the location of the call. In calendar year 2017, we responded to 3980 calls for service with approximately 72% of those calls being EMS in nature.

Station Equipment & Staff

Housed in each station is a minimum of one ALS fire engine/pumper. Two of our stations are also equipped with a brush vehicle that is utilized in the wildland urban interface. Average staffing is three firefighters per engine, with a high at times of four on two engines and three on the other. There are currently 41 employees in the department, 3 of which are in administration, 1 Department of Public Safety Fire Inspector/police officer, with the remaining employees assigned to three shifts. Our shifts work a 24 hour on and 24 hour off schedule with a four-day break after the third on-duty shift (example: a shift works, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and they're off until the next Wednesday).

Incident Responses

The department responds to a wide variety of calls for service ranging from the simple to the complex. While not all calls for service are emergencies, we respond to the needs of the citizens within our community. If the event is one that we cannot deal with, we make every attempt to find the proper agency or person that can effectively handle the citizens need.