Redevelopment District Boundary Modifications

In remaining mindful of the basic premise of a community redevelopment agency—to redevelop economically blighted and depressed areas and ensure their highest and best future use—there was much discussion with regard to amending the Rockledge Community Redevelopment District’s boundaries.

The Agency therefore proposed to expand Sub-District 2, the Barton Boulevard Redevelopment Sub-District, by incorporating property from two contiguous areas—north of the Casa Loma subdivision, west of the Florida East Coast Railway right-of-way, and south of the Rosa L. Jones right-of-way. This addition contained 233 acres, most of which was either publicly owned or undeveloped, and it did not contain additional residential properties. Much of this area could potentially be eligible for a Brownfield designation, and, because of a sizeable stormwater feature, it is ideal for a myriad of future recreational uses.

The second area that had been proposed for inclusion was a 19-acre section of land south of the Longwood Avenue right-of-way, with Seminole Drive to the east, U.S. Highway 1 to the west, and Barton Boulevard to the south. In proximity to Wuesthoff Hospital, this particular area is prime for redevelopment, as it currently contains an assortment of conflicting uses.

In an effort to offset any concerns regarding the expansion of the Redevelopment District’s boundaries, the Agency Board felt it would be pragmatic to also reduce the size of the District by removing a residential subdivision containing 26 acres in Sub-District 4, the Barnes Boulevard Redevelopment Sub-District. The Agency also realized that this practically brand new subdivision is functioning well and no longer meets the criteria for property in need of being redeveloped.

Under this proposal, beginning in 2014, some taxable property value will be returned to the general funds of Brevard County and the City of Rockledge.

Former Redevelopment District Boundaries
Redevelopment District Boundary Modifications

Current Boundaries

New Community Redevelopment Agency boundary 2012