Training Program

ERT Training

The Rockledge Police Department is committed to having well-trained employees in order to best serve our citizens. Formal training is required before police officers or dispatchers are hired. The department also has structured training programs for all new hires that encompass several topics. Ongoing training is also provided to all employees, such as First Aid, or specialized training for a specific position, such as Crime Scene Technician. All training areas are managed by the Training Division.

The law enforcement academy consists of hundreds of hours of both classroom and practical instruction. Each sworn officer is required to successfully complete the academy before being hired. Communications officers (dispatchers) also attend formalized training that consists of over 200 hundred hours of instruction. Most of our officers and communications officers attend the Eastern Florida State College for this training. That institution has an excellent reputation and consistently produces quality officers. We are proud of the fact that several of our employees also instruct at the college.

After being certified as an Officer or Communications Officer, employees begin a regimented training program. These are commonly referred to as the Field Training and Evaluation Program or the Communications Training and Evaluation Program. This in-house instruction lasts several months and involves multiple trainers. Both programs emphasize “hands on” preparation in real life scenarios. Each trainer evaluates and documents the improvement as the trainee progresses through different phases of activities and subjects. Other employees receive specific training related to the position they were hired for. For example, the Records Clerks receive specialized training in records management, Uniform Crime Reporting to the F.B.I., and sealing and expunging documents.

On-going training is provided in several ways. Employees are permitted to attend advanced and specialized training that is job related. Many of our employees are enrolled in management courses that last several weeks such as “Lead of Brevard,” the F.B.I. Academy, and the Southern Police Institute. The Department conducts yearly “block training” whereby all employees attend specific topics required by the Accreditation process.

The Rockledge Police Department has an excellent training program dedicated to serving the citizens. Please feel free to contact Lt. Tom Snider via email if you have any questions or suggestions.