Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT)

Crisis Negotiation Team members standing in front of CNT van

The Crisis Negotiation Team, or CNT for short, consists of three officers who have been specially trained in negotiating with individuals that are suicidal or have barricaded themselves and are threatening harm to others or themselves. The team also responds to hostage situations within the city. The CNT unit's primary goal is to resolve these types of critical incidents through the art of communication. The team conducts monthly training within the department and also outside the department with other agencies. Each member has successfully attended and passed multiple levels of advanced training in the art of negotiating stressful situations. In every incident, each member will be assigned a job function to include: primary negotiator, coach, intelligence gathering, IT and other related functions. The CNT unit has converted an ambulance into a mobile negotiation unit where most of the negotiations take place. The CNT unit works side by side with the Rockledge Police Department’s Emergency Response Team in any critical incident. The CNT unit is dedicated to peaceful resolutions of critical incidents.